2012, by Brene Brown

First, I’m going to say that listening to Brown’s books back-to-back a year after your spouse passes away may be too much, too soon.  I’m just saying … hind sight is a great teacher.  This was a dog-walking-heart-breaking-cry-my-eyes-out experience.  When I listened to “Brene” reading her book to me, it felt like I had a very cool best friend who was dispensing heart-felt empathy and wisdom during a very difficult time.  There.  Is that vulnerable enough?

Brown is a vulnerability researcher who debunks various myths and makes the connection between vulnerability and whole-hearted living.  She challenges the “never enough” mindset and differentiates shame and guilt in a really helpful way.  She makes a compelling argument for taking off our armour, being real and living whole heartedly.  She offers wisdom about being appropriate in our vulnerability, and not just letting it all hang out.  She has pearls of wisdom for leaders and parents that has the potential to liberate you from the prison that shame creates.

Brown’s writing is both personal and research based, which, combined with her expression of her personality makes this a powerful read.  I recommend this book if you are tired of living behind a mask that leaves you tired and isolated.

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