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Leadership Development Coaching

The Value

At the Iris Group, we believe that excellent leadership does more than achieve organizational goals. It achieves them in a way that inspires, includes, and innovates. We believe that one-on-one coaching is the most time-efficient approach to developing strong leaders because the experience is completely customized to the coachees unique personality, skills and context. By investing in your leaders, you have the opportunity to improve leadership effectiveness, avoid unhealthy conflict and reduce turnover.

The Approach

At the Iris Group, we recognize the wide range of skills that are required of leaders, particularly during times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA). We work with leaders at all levels of an organization which means that Iris Group coaches are flexible and agile. We take a strengths based approach without ignoring weaknesses, and we integrate the organization’s context into the engagement.


The Focus

The overarching goals are established by the coachee and informed by the sponsor organization. In individual sessions, the client is expected to identify their current need and in so doing, the engagement is able to be flexible and follow the clients’ natural learning progression.

Here are a range of areas that our coaching sessions routinely addresses:

· Insight building and self-awareness
· Awareness of values and how they align with the organization
· Strategy formation
· Creating and leading teams high-performance teams
· Organizational change initiatives
· Leading innovation
· Communication skills
· Role clarity

· Transforming unhealthy conflict to healthy conflict
· Delegation and accountability
· Performance management
· Time management
· Hiring and firing decisions and delivery
· Confidence building
· Career advancement
· Identifying and overcoming personal blocks

The Offer

At the Iris Group, we have created a coaching package

· 6-months with the option to renew on a monthly or quarterly basis.
· Unlimited sessions.
· The coachee decides the frequency.
· Zoom teleconference session.
· The goals are established by the coachee and informed by the sponsor organization.
· The coach will review assessments that the coachee has already completed.

· The coach will facilitate 3-way conversations with the client and their reporting manager.
· Myers-Briggs assessment and a book allowance with reading resources that are delivered to the clients’ home or office to avoid delays in accessing learning resources.

The Ethics

At the Iris Group, we have created a coaching package

· Coaching sessions are confidential. The coach will not provide direct feedback to the sponsor organization except for the frequency of the meetings. Clients are encouraged to provide updates to their reporting managers directly, and the coach will facilitate progress discussions by asking questions in a 3-way dialogue.

· If you are interested in more information about coaching ethics, please refer to the International Coaching Federation Website’s Code of Ethics.

Exploratory Conversation

To book a 20 minute no-charge exploratory conversation, fill out the contact form below and discover if leadership coaching is a good option for your development.