2000, by Malcolm Gladwell

This book Gladwell examines principles of social contagion and how to bring about movements in human systems.  Gladwell is a brilliant story-teller who weaves real-life examples that illustrate successful changes that have reached 

tipping point.  He identifies three factors for change initiatives to reach tipping point.  They are; (1) The Law of the Few (2) the Stickiness Factor and (3) the Power of Context.  By understanding the nuances of these three factors, leaders can better see and understand how to invest resources and

For those of you who share my passion for discovering how to lead in complex human contexts, this book integrates with other readings from Complex Adaptive Systems Theory (CAS).  The most important take-away for me was the asymmetrical nature of change in human populations.  When I am supporting leaders who struggle to bring about organizational change, I find myself drawing s-curves of various shapes as a framework and asking them locate where they are on the change curve.  Once we know what stage they are in, we are able to create strategies designed inch toward critical mass and tipping point.

This 3 minute video is a go-to resource for helping leaders see a human system change. 
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