2005, by Margaret J. Wheatley

This was the first book I read on CAS Theory, and it was really helpful to understand how Wheatly was one of the pioneers of applying CAS Theory to human systems.  Wheatly describes a simpler way to lead that aligns with human nature and motivation.  She challenges command and control leadership and provides alternative mindsets that work with, not against, the people we seek to lead.  If you want to discover more about this simpler and more effective way of approaching complex change, this is an excellent starting point.

Wheatly outlines key principles of CAS leadership that are descriptive enough for those who are new to this way of seeing and thinking. She debunks command-and-control leadership in favor of more effective leadership approaches. For example, there are passages dedicated to building your awareness of self-organizing systems, the role of experimentation, creativity and diversity.  There are sections dedicated to emergent change, the importance of relationships and organizational symbols.  Wheatley shares the significance of the spirit and meaning making by the leader because it is meaning that motives people.

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