2009 by Susan Scott.

I love this book!  When I listened to the audio version, I felt like Susan Scott was reading my mind.  She has provided the language and context to understand how “best” practices create systemic problems.  I thought it was just me who saw how destructive some of the “best” practices are in the real world application.  I see well-meaning leaders create dysfunction and drama by doing what is expected of they by their employer.  My personal motto is “truth with love”.  Susan espouses both so it makes sense that her approach resonates for me.

Susan addresses six best practices and offers alternatives that work; (1) 360 degree anonymous feedback versus 365 face-to-face feedback (2)Hiring for smarts versus hiring for smart + heart (3) Holding people accountable versus modeling accountability and holding people able (4) Employee engagement programs versus actually engaging employees (5) Customer centricity versus customer connectivity (6) Legislated optimism versus radical transparency.

Susan uses humour, common sense and interesting cases to illustrate her point, and draws out the underlying motivations and principles that fuel both what works and what doesn’t.  I highly recommend this book.  It’s a fun read!