2008, by Quint Studer

If you’ve ever worked at a hospital that hired the Studer Group, you’ll have had the experience of having the Studer Model inform how your senior leaders are directing your energy and attention.  Studer’s organization has created a program based on his success at turning around an American hospital.  I can see the attraction.  The logic is that if you do what Studer did, then you’ll be as successful as he was.  It’s very tempting.  The problem is it doesn’t work.  By taking something as complex as a hospital and reducing it to a series of knowable steps and standards fails to recognize that complex systems function on fundamentally different principles.  I’d suggest that you focus more on the titles that I’ve provided that focus on Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS).  That said, there is one gem that I use faithfully.  Chapter 1 talks persuasively about how to approach top, middle and low performers and the strategy provided is a great starting point for doing performance appraisals.  My suggestion is to take the rest with a grain of salt.

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