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Team Development

In a work environment that puts a premium on collaboration and shared accountability, there is an increasing need for teams to move through various stages of development as quickly and smoothly as possible. We have found several approaches to be extremely helpful, some of which include:

Best Self Activity

We invite team members to prepare a poster describing themself and then share that information with their team members in a facilitated dialogue. This is particularly useful in a newly formed team. Each poster draws on information from our range of self-assessment tools and provides an overview of the individual that helps to inform team members how best to work with each other.

Team Learning

We are often asked to customize learning opportunities for a team so that they can develop shared concepts and ideas as the same time and then move immediately into specific application opportunities.

Development of a Team Charter

This is a brief document, developed through a facilitated process, that clearly defines a team’s purpose and operating principles. It becomes the framework for clear accountability for both actions and attitudes.

Appreciative Reflection

We developed this unique approach to team development some year’s ago when asked to help a team through a very difficult time. Drawing on Cooperrider’s concept of appreciative inquiry, it draws out each team member’s valued contribution to the team and organization and is a tremendous catalyst for new beginnings with a team.

Individual and Team Coaching

We often provide coaching support to individuals who are moving into a new team or struggling to work effectively within an existing team. This often extends to coaching the team together, helping them work through interpersonal dynamics in a health way.