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The Iris Group:  Our Services

We have a passion: complexity. This is reflected in all our work and research. What we see and experience is that boundaries are no longer clear, change is not predictable, and people are not programmable. This means that many traditional approaches, such as long-term planning, top-down reorganization, and cause-and-effect thinking fail us in a world that is growing more and more unpredictable. However, taking a complexity perspective opens up a world of opportunity and  energy for change. Whatever the engagement, we bring that excitement and perspective to our work, including:

Leadership Coaching

Coaching from a complexity perspective has proven to be the single most effective means of facilitating change – both in the leader and in the organizations they served. An experienced coach, well grounded in complexity theory, can walk with you as you explore the opportunities and insights that populate this new landscape.

Organizational Assessment

Traditional assessments tend to benchmark against the past: what have high performance organizations done to be successful and how might you compare to those benchmarks. This does not prepare you for an uncertain, often turbulent future. We offer new ways of thinking, including asking: Are we as an organization set up to facilitate emergent change, a hallmark of complex, adaptive human systems? Do we have the organizational culture to support such thinking? We can help you develop new lenses to see yourself, your team, and organization. Learn more about Assessment Tools.

Team Development

Caring for those who lead and serve is a vital part of the success of any human system and this often happens at the team level. Do the people on the team really know each other? Do they embrace divergent thinking? Do they have common purpose? Do they welcome risk and innovation? Do they learn well together? These are vital mindsets in teams working in rapidly changing times.

Customized Learning Opportunities 

Often, we find that there are wide-reaching learning gaps in organizations when it comes to leading in these complex environments and our clients partner with us to develop shared learning opportunities that will meet their specific needs.. We then custom design and deliver a range of half-day, full-day or multi-day programs in areas such as leadership, change, collaboration – all in service of a more robust and agile organization.

Creating Action Readiness

Based on our expertise in contemporary system theories and complexity science, we help organizations understand the key elements required to implement successful change in complex environments.   We create customized learning opportunities to explore how these elements can be fostered in a manner that achieves results and fits the desired culture.

Give us a call, let’s get together and talk about where you and your organization are in terms of your desire for a new approach and then, if we can help, together we can craft a plan for change.