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Organizational Assessment


 As trained and experienced facilitators and strategists, we have the skills and tools to assess organizational capabilities, culture and strategy. We think through an integrated lens, as represented in the following key concepts:

Culture Informs Strategy

It is only when an organization is clear about what culture best advances their purpose that they can develop and prioritize strategy.

Strategy Drives Budget

Flowing from a clear sense of the preferred culture, strategic priorities are designed to move the organization toward its vision.

Budget Supports Culture

This is a classic example of putting your money where your mouth is. If you say you value distributed leadership and collaboration, then you have to invest to ensure you support and develop them.

Cultural Assessment

In a typical engagement, we use both qualitative and quantitative data to capture both the current and the preferred culture of an organization. This involves interviews and focus groups with key internal and external stakeholder groups. We also use the OCAI approach to provide quantitative data. (See: Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI©)

Strategic Assessment

In organization’s not experiencing high degrees of turbulence and uncertainty, we use well-established approaches such as SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats), PESTEL (Political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors), or Lewin’s Force Field Analysis, as well as a review of existing strategies. This ensures we can provide informed and researched input into an organization’s strategic direction. For organizations that are experiencing a great deal of ‘white water’ and want to develop a much higher degree of agility and resilience, we use the ORA tool, which identifies the presence or absence of seven organizational factors necessary to facilitate emergent change. (See: Organizational Resilience Assessment (ORA©)

Financial Assessment

We can do a complete, independent financial assessment that is directly linked to the cultural and strategic priorities of the organization. This would typically include advice on where processes like Lean Methodology might improve efficiencies and client/patient outcomes.

Customized Learning Opportunities

The Iris Group has over 30 years experience in designing, delivering and evaluating a wide variety of learning strategies and approaches, starting with a clear understanding of the client’s overall needs and expectations, we clarify learning outcomes and then develop unique learning approaches for individuals, teams, and organizations. While every design is different, they are all marked by these things:

  • A deep understanding of how adults learn
  • Research-informed content that is based on the most current information
  • A careful review of the client’s current and previous learning strategies so that we can serve as an integrated of learning
  • Highly interactive learner-centered workshop design and delivery
  • A theory-to-action model to ensure that participants are confidently applying their new learning immediately
  • Careful and appropriate evaluation
  • Individualized coaching support where appropriate

Touch base  and see what we can design for you and your organization.