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Leadership Coaching

The Context

The Iris Group has been engaged in the work of leadership and change for twenty-three years. In that time, we have recognized that as effective as formal programs and other approaches might be, the unique challenges faced by many individuals can best be addressed through individual coaching. This allows the client to develop a relationship of trust with a professionally trained coach who can then guide them through specific workplace challenges and opportunities. We provide coaching services to leaders in a variety of different contexts, including:

  • Transitions from one organization to another
  • Promotions into more senior leadership roles
  • Prior to an during a major change initiative
  • Corporate reorganization
  • Challenges arising out of difficult relationships

The Process

The coach is solely on the agenda of the client and they help the client clarify the relationship between the client’s personal development and the requirements of their organization. Coaching sessions are typically over the telephone or Skype and are adopted to fit a particular client’s schedule. The coach initiates the contact and the conversation typically last 60 minutes, although we are seldom ‘on the clock’. All conversations between coach and client are completely confidential. A typical conversation consists of:

  • A check in
  • A review of the client’s self-assigned “homework”
  • The client sets the agenda for the particular call
  • The coach moves the conversation into deep inquiry
  • At the end, the coach moves to clarify outcomes and potential action steps
  • The client then makes commitments to future action – their self-assigned homework

Return on Investment

Consistently, our clients report a significant return on investment, measured in turns of:

  • Reduced turnover, sick time and overtime;
  • Increased productivity and team, as well as individual improvement, in key performance areas;
  • Improved morale;
  • Improved client satisfaction


A typical coaching engagement is for ten calls at a fee of $3,000. This includes the planned calls, emergency “check-in” calls”, provision of resources, and review of client-generated documentation (resumes, etc.). Rates for individual calls can also be negotiated.