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Iris Associates

Marion J. Howell, BAS Hons, CODI, PCC

Marion leads the executive coaching and cultural transformation work within the Iris Group. Marion’s intuitive capacity to see and draw out the very best in people has made her a much sought-after confidante, guide and mentor to leaders from all walks of life. She is a passionate advocate for the integration of objective data and feedback with a deepening sense of authentic self-awareness that enables individuals and teams to transform their perspective so that they can see and pursue opportunities that may have been obscured by the misplaced emphasis on self-imposed constraints.

Marion has an extensive background in the not-for-profit and technology sectors and understands the unique stresses and challenges that result from constant organizational realignments and dramatically shifting accountabilities and expectations. Having navigated these waters herself on many occasions, and having journeyed with others, she brings both empathy and deep truthfulness to relationships. As she would quote often, she tries always to ‘speak the truth with love’.

Marion is passionate about bringing the best of leadership and organizational studies to her practice.  This includes her role as individual and team coach for leadership development programs at both the Rotman School of Business and the Schulich School of Business.  Marion excels at integrating theoretical models to real world challenges.

Dr. Laura Calhoun MD, FRCPC, MAL(H), CEC

Laura brings unique experience to coaching healthcare leaders. As a psychiatrist, with experience as a medical leader in a large health care organization, she understands the complex nature of healthcare in Canada. Laura combines warmth and empathy with determination and directness in her coaching style. With you in the drivers seat and Laura as your coach, the road to achieving your goals is in your future.


Dr. Laura Calhoun has 30 years experience in health care. Practicing as a Family physician, psychiatrist, healthcare leader and medical executive, she is uniquely qualified to understand the complex nature of healthcare.

Laura has a Masters degree in leadership with a health focus, and is able to administer the EQi and EQ360, which helps leaders understand and capitalize on their emotional intelligence. She can coach to LEADS capabilities. She uses neuroscience and the art of therapy in her coaching as well as a warm and empathic style.